Worker Safety at Marshall Roofing and Sheet Metal Co., Inc.
For Marshall, a strong, effective safety program is good business. Marshall’s safety culture is an important component of its business. Marshall is part of the Northeast Roofing Insurance (NERI) captive insurer group. With NERI, and to augment its own staff, Marshall has access to professionals who manage and evaluate safety programs full time. NERI applies risk-management techniques to Marshall’s safety practices. Marshall gets the necessary feedback, structure and benchmarking from NERI to maintain an effective safety program and a strong safety culture.

Marshall’s strong safety track record and low workers compensation modification rate minimize the exposure to major claims and lawsuits for the owners and general contractors dealing with Marshall. 

Marshall’s low workers compensation experience modification factor, as calculated by the National Council of Compensation Insurance, is based on over 17 years of rating experience.

Marshall Safety Program and Policies
As part of NERI (the Northeast Roofing Insurance group), Marshall has several standard operating procedures for safety to work together and to reduce insurance costs. These include:

  • Mandatory Safety Training – which must be completed by all field personnel including pre-employment safety training, an annual OSHA 10-hour safety course, and Weekly Tool Box Talks; on going OSHA trainings;
  • Worker Safety Management – through performance measurement, benchmarking and making specific adjustments to the written safety program;
  • Job Site Specific Safety Plans – Marshall coordinates with the project manager(s) on a project-specific safety plan to give input and to adhere to the protocol that is established;
  • Random Jobsite Inspections – identifying hazards, discussing them with employees and foremen;
  • A Safety Committee – to review inspection findings and implement new programs to enhance the right safety culture;
  • Pre-employment Screenings – all employees must pass a pre-employment physical examination and drug test prior to starting work;
  • Ongoing Random Drug Testing;
  • An Annual Safety Day for foremen and employees;
  • Return to Work Programs – to get employees off workers compensation and back to work.

Marshall Safety Checklists and Inspections
Marshall considers regular inspections critical and maintains an inspection schedule.

Job site safety checklists and inspections include, but are not limited to these specific items;

  • Ladders and Scaffolding
  • Personal Protection Equipment – Eye protections, hard hats, gloves, and harnesses
  • Personal fall arrest systems
  • Guardrails and toe boards
  • Skylight and hole protection
  • Warning Lines
  • Material handling – lifting techniques, handling equipment, rigging, debris removal
  • Kettle Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fire protection and prevention