Artblock Loft condos east and west

Boston, Massachusetts

Single Ply, Asphalt and Copper Roofing Systems, Zinc Siding

Marshall installed a 13,400 sq. ft. Carlisle fully-adhered reinforced single ply roofing system at two different roof levels. Marshall also installed a 2800 sq. ft. fully adhered ballasted roof system at six different roof levels. Included in this new project is an asphalt roof and multiple single ply roofs with wood decks installed on top, as well as a zinc-coated copper standing-seam roof on the east end of the second floor. In addition, Marshall installed VM Zinc’s ADEKA (pre-formed shingle) Panels on the building’s façade and successfully coordinated the extensive mechanical fit-up during the new roofing system’s installation, maintaining a water-tight structure for this occupied building.